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Project Description
C++ Mini Framework is a simple and easy to use class library in source format to quickly do things you commonly need to do in native projects with the purpose to get you started specifically targeting new C++ developers hopping they will be productive from the very start.

Mini Framework Content
Here you will find data access code for OleDb and ODBC, directory services client based on Ldap, security management, Memory Map File, text parsing and scanning support and more. You will write code like this anyways so you can be productive from the beginning using this Mini Framework and modify it as needed.

Available namespaces (based as Kif::Win32):
  • Data Odbc, OleDb, Oracle OCCI support
  • DataObjects Sample Data Objects to suppor our Submissions database is provided.
  • Diagnostics Framework Error Handling helpers
  • Drawing Sample vectors based drawing support
  • Encoding Base64 encoding support
  • IO File, Directory MapFile, TextBuffer and Transacted File support
  • Net LDAP and MSMQ support
  • Security Cryptography Provider support
  • Text Text Parsing support
  • Xml XML Reader / Writer support

Contribute to the effort
If you find this code useful and you add more useful stuff to it please join the effort and make it available to others through this project. Your contribution can be on reviewing, adding new stuff, suggesting areas to add, documenting or any other way you help in moving this effort ahead.

Download the Code Today
You can start using the Framework today by downloading the code and samples as available in the Source Code Tab. It is a single download and it has a solution for VS 2010 with a single C++ Project with all the available source code.

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